Shell speaking at a podium. She is gesturing enthusiastically. Behind her is a portion of a slide. The visible text reads, 'experience it as a barrier.'

Disabled Keynote Speaker

Accessible and Inclusive Designer

Consultant, Educator, and Mentor

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Meet Shell Little

Shell is a Senior Accessibility Specialist, Inclusive Design Leader, and international keynote speaker. She has spoken and consulted on game accessibility and disability DE&I topics for numerous organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She has over 8 years of experience working in large enterprise organizations helping to integrate accessibility and inclusive design into the beginning of the product lifecycle.

Shell is passionate about partnering with, educating, and empowering design teams to implement and maintain accessible solutions. Her dedication to educating cross-functional partners is how she consistently achieves rich inclusive design buy-in. Shell's interested in preventing accessibility concerns by working with design systems and frameworks to ensure accessibility is cooked into all standards and components.

Outside the office, Shell is a cat parent, hobbyist streamer, and overall Neurodivergent dork. She's passionate about finding a sustainable balance between career and hobbies. She's currently gotten back into a childhood favorite, puzzles.

Shell, a white woman with half dyed blue hair and facial percings. She's also wearing a very large black hat.

What people are saying

“Shell has been instrumental in my career growth over the last few years. She has helped me successfully navigate being an accessibility and inclusivity designer. Her continued guidance, support, and mentorship helped me thrive professionally and personally!”

Anna E. Cook

Senior Inclusive Designer, Microsoft